The Piedmont region in northern Italy is famous for their killer “B” wines – Barolo, Barbaresco and Barbera while their other red wines, Dolcetto and Freisa (name of grape and wine), get little recognition outside the region. I was introduced to Freisa (pronounced fray zah) on a trip to Piedmont. Piedmont 2014

Freisa was the first red wine poured at every winery I visited but I never knew Freisa in USA. Upon returning home, I could not find Freisa in retail stores until recently when I was surprised to see Freisa in our store.

Freisa-grapes 260x354

The DNA of Freisa varietal has been linked to Nebbiolo. Years ago Freisa was the dominant grape in Piedmont but after the Phylloxera disease ravaged vineyards throughout Europe, Nebbiolo was replanted in lieu of Freisa. Easier to grow and widely acclaimed in Barolo and Barbaresco wines, Nebbiolo was an obvious choice. Similar to Napa Valley where Cabernet Sauvignon has replaced other varietals, farmers make an economic choice to grow grapes yielding higher profits!


CASCINA BRUCIATA Langhe Freisa 2015
Langhe, Piedmont Italy $15
Winery says “The full bouquet of this Freisa is surprising for its complexity and refinement: the mix of red berries and sweet spices, together with a light smoked note, make this wine both charming and elegant. The taste is at the same time an expression of balance and concentration, of warmth and acidity, with an extremely pleasant finish characterized by soft, enfolding tannins.”

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