Welcome to My Blog

Do we need another wine blogger? I will differentiate my blog by using simple, common-sense words. If you read Wine Spectator, subscribe to Robert Parker or scan countless wine blogs on the internet, you will find wine descriptors such as “hints of tar, leather and underbrush, extracted and muscular”. I promise to never use such language!

I do not blog every day or every week. Whenever I find a good wine for a fair price or have an interesting topic, I write an article (post). My goal is 3 to 4 posts a month; easy reads – short and informative.


We walk the wine store aisles staring at endless racks of wine bottles, reading shelf talkers and are tempted to buy new wines. But too often we stifle our curiosity and buy the “tried and true” wines that we know. I am fortunate to taste many wines (it’s my job) and my recommendations can expand your comfort zone.

My website categorizes wine by type, country and price so it can be a useful tool shopping for wines.

My blog is a labor of love and my passion for wine. I welcome your comments (good or bad) and hope you enjoy the read…

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