Bob the WineGuy (on right) visiting Cascina Bruciata in Barbaresco, Piemonte.

I’m a 3rd generation Italian-American who grew up in northern NJ. My grandparents, Ottavio (Papa) and Frances (Nana) Rossi were first generation Italians from Roma and Napoli, who visited every Sunday for a day of food (antipasto, pasta, meatballs, salad, dessert) and wine (need I say home-made wine). At the age of 12, I and my young cousins were served wine and water at the dinner table – it was the beginning of my passion for wine. I remember Papa growing grapes from a rooftop trellis above his garage in Corona, Long Island, crushing grapes in his musty wine cellar, distilling stems and skins to make Grappa – so many fond memories.


I do NOT receive commission to sell wine.

I work part-time as wine consultant in north New Jersey wine store where I assist customers with their selection of wines. If you are local to my work, please come in for a visit.

My work hours are

  • Friday 4pm – 8pm
  • Saturday 11am-3pm.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. How about some Colorado wines? Chateau de Littleton maybe?


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