Forget about the Yankees, Red Sox and Mets because the world is now watching the biggest sporting events! Americans love their Super Bowl but World Cup football and Tour de France draw twice as many viewers.

World Cup culminates 3 weeks of 60+ matches with semifinals (Tuesday, Wednesday) and final (Sunday),


Tour de France starts – 3 weeks (21 stages in 23 days)


and Wimbledon tournament ends fortnight of tennis with Sunday’s final match.


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BTW World Cup final and Wimbledon final are scheduled for Sunday. What a dilemma for Brits should England win their semi-final match and compete in World Cup final on Sunday afternoon. The Wimbledon committee has rejected request to change time of men’s final match to avoid the conflict. England is the favorite to reach final in their match against Croatia on Wednesday.

So stock the fridge with your beverage of choice and enjoy!

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