It’s Easter Sunday and nobody is here! It seems not long ago that we would hunt for Easter eggs in the yard (and neighbors’ yards) on an early spring day when it was warm (snow and freezing rain in our forecast – UGGH Easter in NJ). And waking on Easter Sunday to find clues where your Easter baskets were hiding. Remember those clues that would send you scurrying all over the house – into the attic or the garage, probably crawl space in basement and even one basket was hiding inside BBQ grill on outdoor deck!

Baskets were filled with goodies like chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and Peeps – remember these ugly looking creatures! Will our grandchildren be so lucky to have such goodies or is sugar bad for children? Hmmm, the wonders of modern medical science?!?


Now we fill our children’s’ baskets with expensive Napa Cab and lottery tickets – what has the world become…


PriestRanch cab 2014
PRIEST RANCH Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 |
Napa, California |$35 |
93% estate grown Cabernet Sauvignon
Robert Parker 91 rating “generous flavors of black currants, plum, Asian spice and earth jump from the glass as well as flavors of this full-bodied, supple-textured, low-acid and fleshy wine. It is delicious now and should continue for 15 more years.”


Cheers, Bob the Wineguy
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