The basement pub in my new home was not ready for a St. Pattie’s Day celebration with friends  (no running water in bathroom) but I could not resist the opportunity to sample Irish beers – Harp Lager, Smithwicks Irish Ale (pronounced Smitticks) and the famous Guinness Stout.

st pattie 2018 pub 250x330

Construction progress continues – drywall and spackling is done, tile and wood flooring starts this week and kitchen cabinets soon follow.

st pattie 2018 drywall

There is no doubt the Pub will be open this summer and fully operational by St. Patrick’s Day, 2019. However, what remains in doubt will be BTWG (Bob the WineGuy) wine cellar. The new cellar will expand the old cellar’s capacity from 600 bottles to 1K+ with a lighted window display of the cellar. Will it be ready – stay tuned…

st pattie 2018 cellar

Cheers, Bob the Wineguy
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