bike ride 2016-0810

Partial knee replacement surgery was performed on May 13 (Friday the 13th) and less than 3 months later, I finish my first post-op ride of 26 miles!

I was a  candidate for total knee replacement according to most Orthopods until I met Dr. Greg DiFelice at Hospital for Special Surgery (Paramus and NYC). He recommended a partial (medial) knee replacement so I could continue my “amateur” athletic career at the ripe age of 65!

I’m done with physical therapy and have booked ski trips to Lake Tahoe and Montana for this winter. Many thanks to Docs D and Rob – your team and HSS is the best.

bike champagne 2016-0809

H. Blin champagne Millesime Brut vintage 2006

And tonight I will celebrate my doctor’s release with a bottle of vintage champagne. Salute!

Cheers, Bob the WineGuy

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