Dolcetto is a fruity, bright red wine from Piedmont region in northern Italy. Not nearly as famous as Piedmont’s world class Barolo and Barbaresco wines, it also plays second fiddle to Piedmont’s popular Barbera. Dolcetto is the everyday drinking wine among Piedmontese (locals) and is made with 100% Dolcetto grapes. The varietal is much less temperamental than Nebbiolo used in Barolo and Barbaresco. Often sharing the same vineyards, Dolcetto grows at elevations higher than desirable locations reserved for finicky Nebbiolo.

Dolcetto, aged for 12 months, is sold November 1 on the first year after harvest. Dolcetto is cash flow for winemakers who must wait 3-4 years to release their Barbaresco and Barolo wines. Dolcetto is drank as a young wine though it improves with 3-5 years aging.

Aged without oak in stainless or cement tanks, Dolcettos are bright and fruit-forward with moderate tannins – an excellent pairing with many foods. For “red wine only” bigots, Dolcetto is a good match for lighter meals such as salads and seafood. The best Dolcetto comes from Dogliani (Dolcetto di Dogliani) and most Dolcetto wines are moderately priced around $20.

dolcetto Pecchenino dolcetto di dogliani 2014 130x200

PECCHENINO Dolcetto di Dogliani San Luigi 2014 $16.
Dogliani, Piedmont Italy

dolcetto Roagna dolcetto d'alba 2014

ROAGNA Dolcetto D’Alba 2014 $18.
Alba, Piedmont Italy

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