Can you swirl this glass of wine?


Full Glass

The proper etiquette for pouring a glass of wine is to fill the glass no more than half full. This allows room to swirl the wine which enables aeration. Aerating will cause the wine to breathe which will enhance the wine’s aroma and flavor, similar to decanting.

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Pour wine slowly and attentively to avoid the embarrassment of dumping sludge into a guest’s glass. Would you drink this glass of wine?

wine-pour-SedimentGlass 185x240


Whether at home or restaurant, assume the responsibility of pouring wine with love. It’s a tough job but somebody must do it…



It’s a bonus to find a restaurant serving fine wines by the glass. But how frustrating is it when you receive a “short pour”?

You should expect a pour of 4 to 6 ounces (there are five 5-ounce glasses in a bottle). Be aware that wine glass sizes may differ but you should question a glass less than 5 ounces. You should politely ask what is the restaurant policy for how many ounces are in wines by the glass. And for expensive wines by the glass, consider asking this question before ordering.

In summary, a short pour is good only if you are doing the pouring.

Cheers, Bob the WineGuy