“Never Say Never” but after two crashes in six years, my road-biking days are OVER!

It is six weeks post-op from shoulder surgery and BobtheWineGuy is “almost” back.  Gone is the cumbersome arm sling to immobilize two plates holding my shoulder together and I now start physical therapy to prepare for two ski trips. My sincere thanks to Doctor Eric Black, orthopedic surgeon with Summit Medical, who performed magic to repair the same shoulder damaged in a previous cycling accident.

– a complex surgery to repair fractures to clavicle, scapula and acromio joint. 

This calls for a small celebration, a reason to select a special wine. This afternoon when I return to work in the wine store, there are many wines to choose. But tonight I toast the nurse (and Wife) who cared for me during the last two months. Her favorite wine is California Cabernet so I will choose from a vertical of Jordan Cabernets in my cellar.

– JORDAN Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Located in Alexander Valley in Sonoma, California the winery produces only two wines – cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay. The drinking window for this wine extends to 2024 but I prefer to drink most California Cabs not later than ten years age. However, I was disappointed when this bottle lacked “fruitiness”, a characteristic of California Cabs. I investigated the bottle’s storage history and I found it was left in my old house without temperature control. The storage area was a basement but in the heat of summer, the ambient temperature probably exceeded 70 degrees – a danger zone for wine storage.

In summary, the moral of this story is monitor the temperature of wine storage. We often think a basement stays cool but use a thermometer and protect your wines.

Cheers, Bob the WineGuy
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