This is such a horrible story that it is hard to believe. RAI (Italian news agency) reports that four men have died in Italy while making wine, so the obvious question is how could this happen. Did they drink too much sampling their new wine and an accident occurred? Did they fall into fermentation tanks and drown, or fall into the crusher? How is it possible that 4 adult men die together?

Last week in Calabria, province in southern Italy, two brothers with a father and his son (ages 48 to 70) were making wine for home consumption. The accident occurred in a poorly ventilated room below grade (basement). Apparently they did not realize that the fermentation of grapes into wine produces toxic fumes. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is odorless and colorless, difficult to detect and a high content in unventilated area can quickly cause asphyxiation. When the men were found, three had fallen into the open barrels and another was on the floor – but 4 guys are DEAD!

(image from blogspot.com.)

Cheers, Bob the WineGuy

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