This morning I awake in New Jersey as I do most days and my golfing buddies would say “it’s a good day if we’re standing on this side of dirt”. But today I’m supposed to arrive in Italy after night flight to Rome.

For countless tourists around the world, Covid has caused frustration and disappointment with travel plans. It was only two months ago (July) when we planned a trip to Italy.

But the pandemic situation in USA has deteriorated while Italy has improved to a vaccination rate of nearly 80%. However, the uncertainty of what might happen during travel abroad and the recommendation that discourages leisure travel, have influenced our decision to cancel. That said, there are worse outcomes than an indefinite layover in Italy!

Our itinerary included Panzano, Lucca and Rome, and this trip (like many of my trips) is about WINE. Today is the start of the 3 day wine festival in Panzano, the heart of Chianti Classico region. In normal years Vino al Vino is festive event in the town-square and the local wineries pour and talk their wines. But the event was cancelled last year, and this year requires travel to individual wineries. The list of wineries includes Fontodi, Castella dei Rampolla La Massa, Casalosta, Villa Cafaggio and many others.

To my friends at La Massa, spero vederti prossimo anno! (I hope to see you next year)

Cheers, Bob the WineGuy

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