Whatever you call it- happy hour or aperitivo (Italy) or apèro(France), it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

No longer able to belly-up to the bar and clink glasses with a friendly toast of “Cheers, Salute or We Drink”, the new norm for socializing has become “zooming”.

We recently shared our first Zoom cocktail with my three brothers and our wives. I setup in my wine cellar 30 minutes before meeting time. It was an easy process to download Zoom to my laptop and click ‘join meeting’ email, but the wine selection was a more daunting task! I scanned my CellarTracker inventory to find bottles in their prime drinking window. Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 (Alexander Valley, Sonoma) had a drinking window of 2013-2020. It was also beyond my rule to drink New World reds (10 year maximum) so it was the obvious choice.

Jordan winery, Alexander Valley

I popped the cork for it to ‘open’ before drinking. Now we have all been disappointed keeping that “special bottle” too long. And there is nothing better than drinking good wine in its prime, but there is no science to know when a wine is “ready”. Serious collectors will buy wine by the case so they can track its aging. Not having this option, I use Cellartracker.com to suggest the drinking window and this time it was spot on – a WOW moment to enjoy a fine wine in its prime!

The happy hour (40 minutes of conversation and 20 minutes of technical difficulties) was successful. It was great to see family after weeks of sequester and a pleasant diversion from another night of boring TV.

To all – be safe, stay the course, this will end…

Cheers, Bob the WineGuy
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