There are now 12 states with “stay-at-home” orders to combat the coronavirus pandemic or “Chinese virus” (Trump-speak). “Stay-at-home”, the new norm, unlike “shelter-in-place”, a complete lock-down, allows leniency to visit essential businesses.

The list of essential businesses varies by state but generally includes includes  grocery stores and food production, pharmacies and health care, utilities, banking as well as law enforcement and emergency personnel – all obvious services to maintain a basic lifestyle and safety.

But the list also includes liquor stores and breweries as essential businesses? In fact, governors in every state with “stay at home” orders except Pennsylvania (state liquor stores) have classified wine and liquor stores as essential services. I mean no disrespect to wine and spirits industry since I work part-time in local wine store though I am not working presently. Speaking with my colleagues, the liquor store business is brisk but they are working with limited staff.

I only ask this question looking for an explanation…

  • Maybe, it’s for parents involved in child-care and rambunctious teenagers (yikes),
  • Maybe, it’s for the home office workers who need a coffee break,
  • And, it’s for many who now spend endless hours with their loving spouse!

Whatever the reason, thank you Governor and to all BE SAFE!

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