When a WineGuy can’t drink wine, the next choice is beer. And when you’re in #1 beer country in world, it’s a beer tour (aka beer crawl)!

Photo bombing at 1st stop

We met our tour guide, Dita, https://www.pragueurbanadventures.com/ at 5pm and spent the next 4 hours jumping subway trains exploring outer neighborhoods of Prague. Our party of 8 was served beers and small bites representative of local favorites.

At each stop we sampled the neighborhood’s favorite beers which always included a Pilsner. The Pilsner style originated in Czech town of Pilsen by Urquell brewery in 1842 and was #1 imported beer in USA years before Anheuser Busch’s Budweiser was produced. Classic Czech pilsners are medium to medium-full body, thoroughly refreshing and about 5% alcohol.

The evening was fun and informative as Dita explained the beer drinking protocol in Czech Republic.

  • Each pub offers one brand of beer (owner’s favorite) that is displayed outside pub
  • Brewery provides tap, glasses, tablecloth, coasters, etc. – all having brewery’s logo
  • Beer served in chilled glasses with generous rim (1″) of foam
  • Say “na zdravy,” (nahz drah-vee) and touch glasses while making eye contact with each member in party
  • ALWAYS make eye contact or have “7 years of bad sex”.

After many different brews (don’t remember count) in 4 pubs/, my favorites were Vinohradsky American Pale and Pilsner Urquell lager.

Vinohradsky 12° (American Pale Ale)

Pilsner Urquell

We ended the evening in Lokal – long narrow beer hall with open seating under bright fluorescent lights reminiscent of the dark days under Communist regime.

LOKAL beer hall

Cheers, Bob the WineGuy
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