I can’t remember the last time someone asked for a bottle of Merlot while working in the wine store.


Did Sideways movie in 2004 damage reputation of Merlot?

The movie was 15 years ago and the mediocre Merlot wine that existed in late 1990’s has been replaced with new vineyards and improved wine-making. Merlot is ranked 4th in USA vineyard acreage behind Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. But internationally Merlot vineyard acreage ranks #1 and France is clearly the top-producing country. “Right bank” Bordeaux is Merlot-based and first growth Merlots such as Petrus and Le Pin are among the most prized wines in world.


Petrus 100% Merlot 2017 vintage $2,900

Merlot is making a comeback in USA – October is International Merlot Month and #MerlotMe is social media buzz. Merlot wines from California are still a bargain compared to California Cabs and Pinot Noir but this may change as Merlot regains traction.


TRIG POINT Merlot 2017
Diamond Dust Vineyard
Alexander Valley, Calif $19

Winemaker Nick Goldschmidt has reputation for producing single-vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon from esteemed properties in Napa (Oakville) and Alexander Valley.
Winemaker says “Dark garnet color; plush and ripe with cherry, strawberry, and white pepper aromas. Entry is broad and expansive with black cherry, wild blackberry, rhubarb, and ripe plum flavors. The wine is velvety smooth and rich on the mid-palate. Full-bodied. Finishes with a hint of clove.”
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