What do you do when your wine cellar is full?

“You STOP buying wine” would be a rational reply. But a WineGuy’s response would be “you build a BIGGER wine cellar!”

I’ve been in my new house 9 months and the wine cellar was earmarked before renovation started 18 months ago. By removing exterior window and installing vapor barrier with double insulation on pipes, walls and ceiling, I hope to achieve passive cooling (no temperature cooling unit).

Drywall, painting and tile floor are complete.

Framing inside window with wine crate pieces

Rack construction at local cabinet-maker

Rack installation is in-progress and the project is near completion. Next is the move of 600 bottles (50 cases) from my old cellar. And finally, I must buy wines to fill new racks, of course!

Cheers, Bob the WineGuy

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