I must apologize for the scarcity of blog posts lately. I have NOT lost interest in wine nor have I stopped drinking wine! The truth is we have purchased a new home (1948 vintage) and I am the general contractor supervising a major renovation.  And believe me, being a general contractor is no walk in the park…


With that said, I recommend the following wine I  served on Christmas Eve.

Gavi, a dry white wine from northern Italy, was great pairing with the traditional Feast of Seven Fishes. Cortese di Gavi or simply Gavi (pronounced GAH-vee) is from Cortese grapes located around town of Gavi and wine made in the town of Gavi is called Gavi di Gavi. Pinot Grigio is Italy’s most popular white wine and if you enjoy the light-bodied Pinot Grigio, you should enjoy a medium-bodied Gavi.


BROGLIA Gavi La Meirana 2016 $20
Piemonte, Italy
100% Cortese grapes aged 6 months in stainless tanks (no oak)
Wine Advocate (Parker) 90 rating

Cheers, Bob the Wineguy
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