Pause for a moment and recall your family traditions. Now don’t be surprised if nothing come to mind and does this mean you don’t have any traditions? Of course not, but in our fast–paced lifestyles, it’s not something we think about.

Family traditions are habits that are passed from generation to generation. I am 3rd generation Italian-American who grew up knowing my immigrant grandfather and his traditions of the “old country”. Unfortunately, our heritage becomes more distant with each generation and it’s the elders’ responsibility to “pass the torch” to the next generation.

I’m very lucky to recently become a grandfather and witness the birth of a new generation. It’s a milestone in the “circle of life” but how do so many years pass and why does time move faster? Isn’t that what our grandparents said but we just didn’t understand? Enough said – Grandpa has a new family tradition and you guessed it, a wine tradition!

baby bottle basinette

Wine is a staple at our family meals so I’m gifting wines to newborns! Too young to drink you might say? But not too young to have a stash of wine whose vintage (year) matches their birth year! My grandchildren will have amazing wine to drink at their 18 (or 21) birthday, college graduation, engagement or whatever celebration they choose.

However, this plan is complicated for several reasons. First, a wine to age for 20 years or more will be expensive, no less than $40. Second, the wine is not immediately available in the birth year.  Vintage is the year of grape harvest and good wines are not released for several years (i.e. Brunello is 5 years after harvest). But the most difficult challenge is to store wine for 20+ years so that is does not deteriorate.

Despite the obstacles, I’m ready for the challenge and anxious to start a new family tradition for my grandchildren. Let me know if you’re interested to know the fruits of my search to find a suitable wine.

baby mikaela

Mikaela Catherine July 23, 2017

Harvest Dinner and Wine Pairing is Wednesday, September 6 at Mayfair Farms featuring NJ farm fresh cuisine with Old World wines. $65/person includes dinner, wine, gratuity and tax.  Details and menu to follow.  

Cheers, Bob the WineGuy
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