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“Living to 100 is simple – all you need is wine and plenty of beans…”

Living a long life is not just about diet despite the endless noise to “eat healthy”. National Geographic magazine first identified “Blue Zones” in 2005 which reflect the lifestyle and environment of the world’s longest-lived people. The five Blue Zones are Okinawa (Japan), Nicoya (Costa Rica), Icaria (Greece), Sardinia (Italy) and Loma Linda (California) and their common characteristics are:

  • Family is primary concern
  • High level of social engagement
  • Lower levels of stress
  • Constant physical activity
  • Semi-vegetarian diet (vegetables is primary food source)

Let’s examine life in Sardinia, small Mediterranean island off Italy. Unlike other Blue Zones where elder women outnumber elder men by 5 to 1 ratio, the ratio in Sardinia is 1 to 1. Interviews with island locals attributed their long life to cleaner air, making love every Sunday and locally produced wine! However, researchers determined Sardinians’ primary cause of long life is physical activity. The occupation of shepherding livestock from the mountains is common among Sardinia Centenarians (100+ years old).

Now we can’t become shepherds but we can improve our lifestyles within reason. Removing stress might be difficult, more physical activity is achievable (who doesn’t work out) and eating healthier is practical. But drinking more wine – 1 or 2 glasses per day is just what the doctor ordered!!!

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Leave it to the Italians – making love on Sundays and drinking local wine! The predominant wine in Sardinia is Cannonau di Sardenega, a Grenache based red wine. Cannonau grape is called Garnacha in Spain and Grenache in France and everywhere else. Grenache has a long growing season and the plump ripe grapes yield high alcohol, tannic wines. In Sardinia’s warm climate Cannonau grapes develop thick skins with antitoxins that promote healthy hearts for a longer life.


SELLA MOSCA Cannonau di Sardenega 2012 |
100% Cannonau | 15% ALC | $13 |
James Suckling 89 rating says “Aromas of black olives and dried fruits follow through to a full body. A slightly jammy and funky Cannonau. Still stylish though. Drink now.”

Cheers, Bob the Wineguy
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