Halloween was a sad day saying goodbye my granddaughter’s au pair who returned to her home in Tuscany today. Giulia arrived 8 months ago and quickly became parte della nostra Famiglia (part of our family). There are many late night au pair stories about wild young girls but Giulia is respectful, helpful and most important, she loves my 3 year old granddaughter and Mikaela adores her.

Last Christmas my wife’s gift was Italian lessons with Giulia and how could I refuse a tutor fluent in four languages! I was self-learning grammatica e vocabulario di Italiano (Italian grammar and vocabulary) and I had finally progressed to conversation (albeit beginner level). We met on Sunday mornings and parlavamo di molte cose (we talked about many things). Giulia took an interest in my wine blog so vino was a frequent topic and mi piace parlare di vino (I love to talk about wine)! Degustazione di vini (wine tasting), mia cantina (my wine cellar), sito del vino (wine blog) – are fun thoughts for any Sunday morning!

Before leaving for the airport, I offered Giulia her choice of wine from my cellar. Without hesitation she selected a Barolo, il vino dei rei (the wine of kings) – a wine that can age for years.  Berelo in buona salute (drink it in good health) and Buona Fortuna (good luck).

Roberto l’Uomo del Vino (Bob the WineGuy)