It’s Thursday evening, soon to be TGIF and only 24 hours until ZOOM HAPPY HOUR! Please join us for lively conversation while tasting Nebbiolo wines from Nino Negri at 6pm tomorrow. 

To join Zoom happy Hour, click this link.   




Most folks know Happy Hour so an explanation isn’t necessary but based on inquiries, here’s how Zoom Happy Hour works!

1. Buy the wines (click to view wines). Ideally, you can shop at Sunrise Cellars store in Caldwell which is offering 25% event discount . If you are unable to purchase wines in Caldwell, contact me for other arrangements. 

2. It’s best to invite friends or family in your bubble (pandemic speak) so you can enjoy the trio of wines we are tasting. Drinking with others is more fun and 3 bottles might be challenging 😀

3. Open bottles 15-30 minutes before meeting and chill briefly (ie 15 minutes).

4. Use Zoom link that I provide to connect by 6pm Friday, October 9 and wait for meeting to start from BobtheWineGuy’s wine cellar.


BobtheWineGuy Cantina

5. The program will be a conversation between myself and Sara, the winemakers daughter. Topics will include the history of winemaking in Valtellina region and the Nino Negri winery. Sara will lead us through the tasting of 3 wines explaining the different winemaking style and the profile of each wine.

Duration of meeting 30-60 minutes based on Q and A.

Please send email to to receive Zoom meeting link to happy hour.