The perfect wine for burgers and dogs from Masi, a legendary Amarone producer…

Campofiorin is made Ripasso style, a process of double fermentation that passes juice of Valpolicella grapes over the leftover Amarone skins. Grapes used for Amarone are dried for months to develop higher sugar content which makes full-body, higher alcohol (+15%) and expensive Amarone.

Appassimento method drying grapes for Amarone

Campofiorin has the same blend of Valpolicella grapes as Amarone and the Ripasso method adds depth and body while maintaining lower alcohol level (13%) and attractive price.  

MASI Campofiorin 2015 |
Veneto, Italy | $17 |
Corvina 70%, Rondinella 25%, Molinara 5% | 13% ALC |
Wine Advocate 90 rating says “This was a great vintage in Valpolicella, prizing dark and exuberant fruit flavors…the wine offers both fresh fruit aromas of blackberry and cherry as well as dried aromas of raisin and prune at the back.”

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