Less than five hours after my latest post “Does Vintage Matter” hits my Gmail inbox, Google puts this article in my news feed “ Wines to put down in the cellar & how wine changes with age//www.bkwine.com/wines-in-cellar-ages/ .  The article is well written and it is worth reading.


However, I am surprised the article is “spot on” with the subject of my post and I’m perplexed how this happened. My Google privacy settings are “AD PERSONALIZATION OFF” so why did Google send this article to me? I did web search and found this article //variety.com/gmail-ads-emails/ that says Google stopped personalizing advertising in June, 2017. REALLY?!?


I don’t consider myself a technical neophyte after 40+ year career in software development but I welcome any explanation. But more importantly, let’s not forget that  big brother is watching and that includes your email!

Cheers, Bob the WineGuy

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