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I recently hosted a dinner of Italian food paired with 7 Italian wines and it wasn’t the expensive Barolo or Super Tuscan that was my favorite! Teroldego is ancient Italian variety grown primarily in Trentino region (northern Italy) and is best when produced by Elisabetta Foradori, one of the most influential female winemakers in the world.

Teroldego grows in the sunny foothills of Dolomite mountains and for years the grapes were used by co-ops to make bland red wine. Foradori was instrumental in transforming Teroldego wines to their modern style. Elisabetta was a teenager when her father suddenly died but her mother kept the family winery until she finished enology school, and she managed the winery at age 19. Over time she broadened her viticulture and winemaking skills and today, she is world-renowned as a proponent of bio-dynamic farming and less invasive, more “holistic” wines. She embraced the use of clay vessels (called amphora) for aging that she learned from Guisto Occipinti in Sicily. In her high-altitude vineyards she adopted the methods of Rudolph Steiner, the father of bio-dynamic farming, and completed the arduous process of bio-dynamic certification for her vineyards.


FORADORI Teroldego 2016 $24
Trentino, Italy
Deep-colored red wine brimming with rustic flavors of wild blackberries, fruit harvested by hand, destemmed with some whole clusters, fermented with indigenous yeasts and with no sulfur (until bottling). Aging takes place in cement tanks (amphorae).

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