The first shovel went in the ground almost 12 months ago and inspection day for my final CO (certificate of occupancy) finally arrived. Bursting with excitement I selected a bottle of Vintage Champagne from my wine cellar.

I was confident the inspection was a rubber-stamp to my temporary CO (recently expired) since I completed a short punch-list. The building inspector arrived at 8 am and without a good morning response, he asks “what’s the new hole in the garage ceiling?” Totally surprised because it was a small hole from installing garage doors, I apologized but quickly replaced the cutout and we moved on.  Next was a review of makeup-air (is this word in the dictionary). He criticized the installation but after offering to call my HVAC guy, he reluctantly approved. At this point I struggled to remain calm but needless to say, I was angry. And the inspection quickly went south when he saw a new deck and patio. The inspector demands “where are the ADA railings on stairs” and I say “huh”? A  beautiful PVC deck must now have a white aluminum banister below the existing hand railing because…someone, please explain why?

This short exchange concluded without approvals. Totally pissed-off but undaunted, I immediately made arrangements to remedy issues and reschedule the inspection.  My  champagne celebration will go on ice for another day.


A few days later, another inspection and unceremoniously I receive the FINAL CO! That evening we enjoy a tasty bottle of vintage Champagne.  BTW my short career of General Contractor is over – you will no longer hear my woes of home renovation.

bike champagne 2016-0809
H BLIN Champagne 2006 Millesime (vintage in French)
50% Pinot Meunier 50% Chardonnay
Wine Enthusiast 94 rating “Crisp, tight acidity and still-young, fresh fruitiness give this wine its initial brightness. Rich and full in the mouth, it also has a range of complex fruit flavors followed by hints of toastiness that will only continue to develop. It should be aged further, so drink from 2016.”

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Cheers, Bob the Wineguy
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