Nebbiolo grape in the great wines of Barolo and Barbaresco is king in Langhe region (Piedmont) of NW Italy. The wines are world renowned, require long aging before release (3-4 years) and expensive.


Image from Luigi Einaudi estate, Dogliani

Expensive wine is not for every day so the locals’ everyday wines are Dolcetto and Barbera – more affordable, food friendly and approachable at young age. Dolcetto (translation “sweet one”) sees little to no oak during wine-making and is light to medium body with little tannins.  Dolcetto d’Alba, Dolcetto d’ Asti and Dolcetto d’Ovada are imported into USA but the best is from the small commune of Dogliani (doh yani) – it’s all about terroir!


PECCHENINO Dolcetto di Dogliani 2017
100% Dolcetto | $17
Great combination of fruity, bitter and earthy flavors with structure and balance. Drinkable in first year and improves with 3 years aging.

Cheers, Bob the Wineguy
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