Linguine Aglio e’ Olio (eye-yoh e’ oh-lee-oh) is one of the simplest dishes to make and the basic ingredients of pasta, garlic, olive oil, salt are staples in every “wanna-be Italian” kitchen. You can dress-up the basic recipe by adding clams (fresh or canned) and it becomes Linguine e’ Vongole (von-go-lay), or add a little flavor (HEAT) with a sprinkle of red pepper seeds.

grillo tasca 2016

A Good meal becomes a GREAT meal with the right wine!

Meet Grillo (pronounced gree-lo) – crisp and savory white wine from Sicily. Citrus notes reminiscent of Sauvignon Blanc with minerality, apple and citrus flavors.  Grillo is becoming popular in America because it pairs well with seafood, grilled veggies and salads.

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It’s no coincidence that our next wine dinner will have a pairing of Grillo with a pesto pasta dish – delicious! Come join us at La Famiglia Ristorante on Thursday, October 4.
Click this link for details —->  Wine Dinner

Cheers, Bob the Wineguy
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