“Wine in cans” no longer means it’s a wine cooler!


Wine can 375ml

Sold in 4-pack or individual cans, the number of wine in cans increases every year. Last year sales increased by 125% ($6M to $14M) though it’s still a small segment of total wine sales. And it’s not a new phenomenon since Trader Joe has sold wine in cans since 2009 but wine shoppers aren’t cruising supermarket aisles to buy wine.

WHO BUYS WINE IN CANS? Millennials are all about “no fuss” and canned wines are an obvious choice for their lifestyle. How easy is wine cans for tailgating, camping or beach trips? Before wine in cans, winos (like me) found a way to enjoy their bottled wine no matter how difficult. The romance of sipping a chilled Rosé on the beach or the popping a cork on a camping trip after forgetting the bottle opener – we’ve all been there!

HOW GOOD IS THE WINE? I recently did taste test comparing Underwood Pinot Noir 2014 in 750 ml bottle ($13) and Underwood Pinot Noir 2014 in 375 ml can ($7). The bottle wine was a tasty, fruity Oregon Pinot as described below. Upon opening, the canned wine had some fizz which dissipated after a few minutes but it subdued the fruitiness – less fruity and somewhat dull (lacked freshness). The producers say there is no issue with aluminum packaging.


At this time most wine in cans is priced at the equivalent of less than $20 per bottle. Do you think fine wines (above $20) will ever be available in cans?

UNDERWOOD Pinot Noir 2014
Oregon ALC 13% $12
Wine Enthusiast 87 rating says “Self-described as a “notable every day wine” this meets the challenge. Given the price, it’s a winner, with 58% of the grapes coming from the Umpqua Valley AVA. The light strawberry fruit carries herbal and bitter green flavors, yet everything is in proper proportion.”

Cheers, Bob the WineGuy

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