thanksgiving-turkey-eat beefA great American tradition is now upon us. Thanksgiving is special because it is a holiday “made in America” (remember the Pilgrims) and it is a holiday without religious implications. BTW it also is the only consistent four-day work holiday (for some).

It is a holiday based around family, friends and food, and what is food without wine!  Accordingly, my wine selections are based on pairing the main attraction, turkey. I recently read a Thanksgiving recommendation for Zinfandel but any big Red will overpower the mild taste of the big bird. I prefer a more traditional pairing of lighter body wines – one tasty white and three mild reds.

My upcoming blogs will feature a type of wine with my recommended wine labels. Here is a pop quiz of the single-varietal wines I will recommend – can you guess the names?

1) I am a White (wine) from many countries- zesty and dry. I am the most misunderstood wine since many think my only taste is very sweet. Who am I?

2) I am a Red from many countries. I thrive in hot climates by day and cool in the evening. I am very difficult to grow and was popularized by the movie Sideways. Who am I?

3) I am a Red from France and I am best when young though I can tolerate some moderate aging (3-5 years). In my youngest form I am always released to market on the third week in November. Who am I?

4) I am a Red – also very young and from Piedmont Italy. I am not meant to be aged and should be drunk within my first two years of release. Who am I?

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